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Hunter Cole is a photographer born and raised in Orange County, CA.

"When I was younger I knew I saw the world through different eyes than all the other kids. It wasn’t until I received my first camera, that I knew why I saw things the way I did. Looking through the viewfinder of the camera, I vowed to myself to always view the world as if I was looking through that viewfinder. The pictures that I take reflect what I love in the world. The beauty of the ocean, the science of the human body in motion, the genius of music, and the brilliance of architecture are the aspects that my work attempts portray. My goal as an artist is to show everyone else, what I see through my eyes. Whether I achieve what I am attempting or not, I want to change others for the better by teaching them to always be looking through the metaphoric viewfinder of a camera."

Orange County - Los Angeles - San Diego


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